what’s your name?
are you a boy or a girl?
how old are you? how are you? where do you want to go on the weekend?
what do you do during the week?
what do you like to eat and what do you use to eat?
what time do you have breakfast and lunch and dinner?
what do you prefer to eat?
do you have long or short hair?
are you slim or fat or neither one nor the other?
are you tall or short? do you think you are beautiful or ugly? : D (you are surely beautiful)
where are you from? where do you live now? why?
what time do you go to sleep?
what do you do for a living? how much do you earn?
do you like your job or would you like to change it?
do you like listening to music? what do you like to do in your spare time?
how do you keep fit, go to the gym or train you in the park?
where do you live? what is your house like?
what do you use at work? where do you work? with who? have you ever had to go abroad for work? have you always stayed in your country or have you traveled a lot abroad?
describe your appearance
what you would like to do in your life? what is your dream?
is your work heavy? have you ever had any pets?
where did you go last summer? what have you done?
where will you go during the next Christmas holidays? what will you do?
how long did you stay?
how is your family? do you have any brothers or sisters? what do your parents do about work?
what did your grandparents do when they were young? what are their names? do you love them?
are you married now? do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
can you drive?
what means of transport do you prefer? when did you get your license, and if you don’t have it when will you get it? have you ever read fairy tales? which ones do you like best?
what do you think of Italy today? have you ever studied italian history? do you know the history of Rome?
do you know how this city was born?
tell us about your city
you can describe your city and tell us about the ancient history of your country and the current situation 

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