Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Arendelle lived a king and queen and their two daughters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa the eldest of the two had an incredible magic powers, she could make ice with her hands.

One day while the two sisters  where playing in the castle. Elsa accidentally hurt Anna with magic. Scared Elsa runs off and her parents find their other daughter Anna, on the floor, freezing and sick. They took Anna to the trolls outside of their castle, to perform life saving magic for them. Anna awakens and is much better, but does not remember what has happened to her. 

The King and Queen then decide it is for everyone’s best interest to isolate the girls into their own chambers and away from the rest of the kingdom.Elsa becomes fearful of her own power,  sad that she hurt her sister, and stops talking to her all together. They become no longer close.When the sisters are just teenagers tragically both of her parents die at sea. 

On her 21st birthday, Elsa is to become queen but she is nervous that the citizens might find out about her powers and fear her. Alas for the celebration  in  the castle and the gates open for the first time in years, for her party. It is there Anna meets a prince and instantly they fall in love.  Quickly Prince Hans proposes to her. Anna asks her sister for her blessing of the marriage, but Elsa denies it. upset, Anna, argues with her sister and asks her why she has stayed away from her for so long. Losing her emotional control Elsa accidentally loses her control of her magic. The Duke calls her a monster, which triggers Else to flee to the mountains, where she is isolated and away from everyone, and uses her magic to create her own snow kingdom, accidentally creating an endless winter throughout Arendelle.

Anna sets out to find her sister put an end to the winter, but gets lost. There she meets Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, who offer to follow the girl to north of the mountain.

The wolves follow the group, but they manage to escape. Kristoff sled breaks so they have to walk for the rest of their journey to mountain.

In a frozen forest and meet Olaf, a nice snowman who offers to lead them to Elsa.

Olaf, Anna and Kristoff arrive at the ice castle and find Elsa. Elsa admits to Anna she does not know how to undo her magic and that she has lost control. And once again Elsa freezes Anna, this time seriously injured. A giant snow monster named Marshmallow, awakens and attacks the group, as they try to make their way out of the castle. The group manages to escape.

Kristoff  takes Anna to the trolls, but this time the magic is different.Only true love can melt the frozen heart. Kristoff takes Anna to Hans, to see if his love can bring Anna back.. But it is revealed that he and his family are trying to take over the kingdom of

Arendelle. Hans abandons Anna and in a chamber and he informs  the citizens that he has imprisons Elsa for killing his future bride.


 Elsa manages to escape, and confront Hans, who lies telling her, Anna has already dead.. Elsa completely broken down stops the endless storm, Hans takes this opportunity to try to attack her but alas, Anna no longer frozen solid, jumps to defend Elsa. Elsa holds her heroic  sister and begins to weep, moved by her bravery, a true act of love, and slowly the ice melts and frost begins to disappear. Elsa tells her sister how much she loves her, it’s then she realizes that with love she can control her magic and only use it for good. She even gives Olaf an endless snow flurry so he can survive the warmer seasons. The sisters reunite and promise to never lock the kingdom up again.

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