Goldilocks and the Three bears

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in the forest. This girl had  very beautiful golden hair.She was called Goldilocks. Whenever she went out to play, her mother always warned her not to go to the woods, she did not know what dangers lie ahead. 

In the woods was a small house, where a family of  three bears lived. Mama bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear.

One day, Mama Bear woke up early and made porridge for breakfast.  She set out three bowls for everyone. When Papa bear and baby bear woke up and came out for breakfast. But their porridge was still too hot, so Papa Bear suggested that the three of them go out for a walk into the woods while it cooled off.

That same morning the little Goldilocks who was at home playing outside in the  garden waiting for her mother to finish making breakfast. She began to get bored and more curious about the woods. 

She thought what is the worst that can happen? Mother worries too much anyway. 

So without saying anything, she took a few steps closer and closer until she was inside the woods.

The bear family had become distracted when they came across a beehive. Baby bear really wanted to try the  honey, and Mama and Papa bear helped her get into the hive.

Meanwhile Goldilocks had entered the   empty house, little did she know it was the home of three bears. She saw their breakfast was cooling on the table. Hungry from not eating breakfast yet she decided to help herself to. She took a spoonful from the large bowl still too hot. Then she tried the medium bowl but that one was too cold, she then tasted the small bowl and finally that one was just right.

While eating it she noticed three chairs, and she decided to test them out. The first one was too large, the second a little uncomfortable and a last one small one that seemed to be just right. While she was sitting on the chair it broke from underneath her. 

She got up and ran up stairs and found a bedroom with three cozy looking beds.

She laid in the first one which was large but too hard, the next one was medium but too soft and the last one was one small and just right. So perfect, she fell  l asleep on it.

When the bears had returned home, they found someone had been eating from their bowls and then noticed the small dish empty.Then they saw the chairs and noticed that the small chair was broken and the baby bear had started to cry. It looked like no one was down stairs, so three bears went up to their room and found a little girl sleeping in the small bed. The papa bear tapped on the shoulder of the little girl. Golilocks woke up and was surrounded by three bears. Fearfully she sprinted out of the house.

While running in the woods she found her parents looking for her and hugged them. She made a promise to never go into the woods without them again. 

And lived the rest of her life happily ever after.

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