Once upon a time in a small house in the woods lived a woodsman and his children, Hansel. Their father was alone with no one but them  after their mother died years ago. Life was becoming very hard for the woodsman, to both work and raise children by himself, so he decided it was time to try to get married again.

It was not hard for the woodsman to meet another woman, for he was very handsome. This woman very quickly became his new wife.  His new wife however, came from a wealthy family and could not bear to live in such a simple home and also hated her new stepchildren.

One cold night Hansel and Gretel heard the new wife arguing with their father from another room.She wanted the woodsman to choose between her or the children. She even threatened to leave the two children in the woods alone to have more food during the long winter.

Gretel started to cry in fear after hearing what her step mother said. Hansel being very clever  told her that he and his sister could collect small stones, pebbles, which they could drop on the ground to help find their way back home to father without getting lost in the forest.

However that evening, Father had not made a decision yet between his children and his new wife. The stepmother was furious. So she took the children with her to collect twigs for the fire. She grabbed a piece of bread and gave it to the children and dragged them into the forest.

With no time to collect stones the siblings broke the bread make trail. However their crumbs had been eaten by the birds, preventing them from finding their way back. They were lost and suddenly wandering blindly in the forest.

Eventually found themselves in front of a house that seemed to be made of gingerbread and other delightful sweets.Bellies empty because they dropped all of their food on the ground, Hansel and Gretel could not help themselves and ran up to the house and took a bite into the walls.

An old woman opened the door and invited the hungry children inside offering them even better treats than the walls of her home.Inside Hansel and Gretel were delighted to find a big plate of sweets, the old woman said eat as much as you can, and she began to heat her giant oven. So they munched away on the plate right away, and then were offered another plate to eat, another, and another. While they were eating, Gretel noticed that the olds woman’s eyes had become red.  

Could it be? Gretel thought, Is this old lady a witch. It was at that moment the old woman revealed that she had captured them, and was going to eat them, and dared them to run away. 

Both of their bellies were full, so they knew they would be slow. So they acted quick and with all their combined strength opened the oven and threw the old woman into the fire.

They ran back slowly into the forest and found a few crumbs that were not eaten. Then all of a sudden they heard a rustling in the woods.. Hansel clutched his little sister’s hand to comfort her. It was then that figure came out of the woods. 

It was their father, the woodsman! The children ran up to their father and he welcomed them with a big embrace. He told them that he made his decision and he chose them, and that he loves them very much. He promised that no one would ever separate them ever again. 

And together they lived happily ever after.

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