Once upon a time, there was a little girl who always wore a red cape with a very large hood. known known as Little Red Riding Hood,

Her mother heard that Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother had become sick, so she asked her to bring grandmother a basket of goods and medicine. 

“Of course.” she responded “I’d be happy to see grandma.”

“Now Little Red Riding Hood, I want you to be very careful out there. Try to not get  distracted, and most certainly do not talk to strangers.” her mother advised 

Gleefully she hopped along and sang to herself as she entered the forest path to her Grandmother’s home.

She saw some beautiful flowers along the roadside and stopped to pick them. It was then she came across an ugly wolf, but he didn’t seem to be so bad.

The wolf had asked “What are you doing out here little girl?” 

 Forgetting her mother’s advice about strangers she responded “I am going to visit my grandmother. She lives in the yellow house down the street.”

Suddenly there was a bang from a loud shotgun. Frightened by the sound the wolf ran away. 

Little Red Riding Hood was distracted from the wolf and could no longer find the right path.The hunter who fired the shot earlier offered to accompany her to her grandmother to make sure she would arrive safely. 

The hungry wolf familiar with the forest took a shortcut to her grandmother’s house, and arrived first.

Knocking on the door he pretended to be Little Red Riding Hood

“Hello, it is your granddaughter, I’ve come with a basket.” 

“Come in,darling.” said grandmother.  

And the wolf entered the house, and before she knew it, the wolf quickly swallowed her whole. 

Moments after, the hunter helped Little Red Riding Hood finally find her way. He walked away as she began to knock on the door.

“Hello grandmother, it is Little Red Riding Hood. I’ve come with a basket of medicine and flowers for you.” She said 

“Come in, darling” said a far-off voice. 

Her grandmother voice sound strange strange voice, almost like the wolf. Thinking about it she had sensed that her grandmother had never met the wolf and perhaps while she was sick her voice had changed..

When she opened the door she saw a rather strange figure lying on the bed

Little did she know it was the wolf  disguised as a grandmother. 

Little Red Riding Hood was bewildered by all the changes that had happened to her grandmother in her illness. 


“Why grandma, such long arms you have?”  She asked

Pretending to be grandma the wolf responded “Better to hold you with, my dear.” 

Little Red Riding hood stepped closer to her grandmother’s bed and saw more changes.

“Why grandma, such large ears you have?” She asked again…

“Better to hear you with, my dear.” the wolf in replied a broken grandma voice  

Stepping again a little closer, and she noticed even more differences. 

“Why grandma, such large teeth you have.”

“Better to EAT you with, my dear!” the wolf dropped the act and slipped out of grandma’s clothes ready to pounce.

Little Red Riding Hood let out a very loud scream and shouted “HELP!”

The hunter still close by heard and immediately made a fast dash towards where he had left Little Red Riding Hood. He kicked down the door and Little Red Riding Hood hid behind them. The wolf was moving slowly with a very big belly. 

The hunter acted quickly and grabbed the wolf and made him spit out poor grandmother.She was able to escape the insides of the wolf.

The wolf ran off scared.  

The grandmother said “Thank you so much,” to the hunter “We are so lucky to have you come right on time, help me and my little granddaughter.

“Happy to help. Be safe everyone” He said  and left Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother to enjoy the rest of their morning together. 

Before the sunset, Little Red Riding Hood made her way home, promising herself she would not become distracted.

She couldn’t help but notice from a distance, the wolf, sweeping up the forest pathway and munching on some leaves. He didn’t look so bad, in fact he looked peaceful. Perhaps he even learned his lesson.          

Focusing more on her path this time, Little Red Riding Hood, did not stop to ask, and safely arrived  home.

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