Deep in the Jungles of India, Mowgli, an infant orphan boy  is discovered by a black panther, Bagheera, who takes him to her friend, mother wolf Raksha . Raksha and her mate Rama, decide to raise Mowgli with the cubs as if he was one of their own. Many years go by with the new family, and  Bagheera checks in on  the boy  as he is growing up. Mowgli is happy and adjusting well. 

One day, the wolves meet at Council Rock, where they learn that there is a man-eating tiger named Shere Khan that is in the jungle. Worried for Mowgli’s safety Bagheera offers to bring Mowgli to the Man-Village, so he can be amongst his own kind. The council agrees that this is the best idea for the boys safety.

But this is hard for Mowgli to hear, he is happy in the Jungle for it is all he has known. But then a python threatens trys to attack. It is  while Bagheera saves him, the little boy is able to sneak off. 

It is on his own he meets Baloo, a sloth bear who he befriends. Baloo promises to take care of him and keep him far away from Man-Village.

But Baloo does not keep a watchful eye on Mowgli. And the boy is then kidnapped by a group of monkeys, who take him to King Louis the orangutan. King Louis offers to help Mowgli, only if the boy can teach him the secrets of the humans, like how to make a fire. Mowgli being raised by wolves does not know how. The monkeys imprison the boy, but his faithful animal friends Bagheera and Bahloo with help from other animals save him by fighting the monkeys, and taking him away from their clutches. 

That night when things calm down, Bagheera explains to Bahloo that the jungle is not safe for Mowgli. Bahloo reluctantly decides to break his promise and return Mowgli to his people. 

Mowgli, once again upset with his friends, takes off on his own. A thunder and lighting storm  begins and  he is confronted by Shere Kan. Bahloo once again rushes to his rescue, but becomes gravely hurt fighting the tiger. Lightning strikes a tree and Mowgli cleverly grabs the burning branch, scaring Shere Kan off with the Fire.

Seeing his friend hurt from protecting him, Mowgli understands the danger those he loves  are in and with hesitation he decides to go to the Man-Village. Bagheera and Bahloo take him to the edge of the jungle and near Man-Village.

 It is there Mowgli sees a beautiful girl struggling with a giant bucket of water, and swiftly he goes over and helps her out. Bagheera and Bahloo slowly creep away and leave their boy to enjoy his new life with his own kind. 

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